I am a writer, web developer, yogi, artist, motorcyclist and wannabe psychoanalyst. I am working out life 365, 24/7. My experience spans from writing technical documentation and blogs, to web development and systems administration. I have a 200 hour RYT yoga certification, have been an adjunct instructor at the college level, was a computer programming major in college, and have managed software development, user acceptance, and teams of people effectively.

While I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, I know I love design and construction of websites and all that goes with it.  I possess unique skills and have a good understanding of users, cognitive behavior, programming, and technical hardware requirements.

My blog allows me to connect and communicate with the world in a real way. Take a peek at my writing to learn more about me.

My desire to be authentic, succeed as I see it, and enjoy the process in all my endeavors.

“Life is like a waltz, you glide, sometimes you may misstep, but you go around and around the dance floor. Sometimes you meet the same spots on the dance floor, even the same dancers. Other times you dance into an area that is unfamiliar. Where ever you end up on the floor dance until your song is done. Don’t let your music or art, or love die inside you.” ~me


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  1. true life stories Reply

    This is just beyond lovely,came here looking for something else but bum… just found something even more incredible,please keep up with the great work. you awesome

  2. bryan ranger Reply

    You do look like a gal I once knew….could it be the same Cyndi Rose I knew in Concord Ca?I love you Cyndi!!!!!

    • admin Reply

      Hi Bryan – sorry I am not the same Cyndi Rose – thank you for reading and stopping by though!

      Best regards,

  3. Teddy Reply

    Hi Hun,
    love your blog ,just wanted to wish u a happy birthday for the coming days
    Happy writing

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